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Share Options for the  2013 Season:

Weekly Vegetable Share (Crop schedule can be found here.):

  •  $360 for the entire season (price to be confirmed)

Weekly Fruit Share:

  •  $252 for the entire season. Note: Fruit shares are only available if you purchase a vegetable share.

Weekly Egg Share (one dozen):

  • $115.50 for the entire season. Note: Egg shares are only available if you purchase a vegetable share.

NOTE:  Half shares are not available for vegetables.  If you are interested in splitting an individual share, we ask that you coordinate with a friend.

Optional products for Market Days ONLY. Read the FAQ for more information on Market Days:

Evans Farmhouse Creamery, Norwich

  • Quart Organic Milk Whole (weekly, 55.66; bi-weekly 27.83)
  • 6 oz yogurt mixed flavors (weekly, 30.80; bi-weekly 15.40)
  • 32 oz yogurt mixed flavors (weekly, 99.00; bi-weekly 49.50)
  • Butter 1/2 lb (bi-weekly only 44.00)

Kutiks Honey Farm, Norwich

  • Honey Wildflower 1 lb (weekly, 80.30; bi-weekly 40.15)
  • Honey Clover 1 lb (weekly, 80.30; bi-weekly 40.15)

Other local products

  • Cheese 8 oz Palatine Mixed Flavors (weekly, 99.00; bi-weekly 49.50)
  • Granola Upstate Harvest 16 oz (weekly, 114.40; bi-weekly 57.20)
  • Granola For Diabetics 12 oz (Cinnamon Bran-Flax) (weekly, 110.00; bi-weekly 55.00)
  • Quart Maple Syrup (per unit: 15.40)
  • Certified natural ground beef 1 lb (bi-weekly only, 58.96)

Norwich Meadows Farm

  • Eggs 1 dozen (weekly, 117.70; bi-weekly 58.85)
  • Chicken Whole 4 lbs + (per unit: 19.50)
  • Chicken Breast 0.8-1.1 lb (per unit: 9.00)
  • Chicken Leg Quarters 4    2lbs + (per unit: 10.00)
  • Honey Wildflower Dr. Yusuf’s 16 oz (per unit: 8.50)

Herbs – All of the following are available in 4 oz for 2.50 each:

Chili (Cayenne) Powder
Coriander Seed
Dill Seed
Fennel Seed
Garlic Powder
Licorice (Erq Soos)
Onion Powder

  1. Would like to have a share for the spring/summer

  2. Can I just do a half share for yogurt? thanks.

    • Hi. Other products such as the bi-weekly yogurt share are only available to those who purchase at least an individual vegetable share. Thanks.

  3. […] About|Share Options|Recent Email Correspondence|NOTES FROM THE FARMER| […]

  4. No, not yet.. would still like to find someone though.

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