What is the Fulton Market CSA?

We are a cooperative of community members committed to bringing seasonal, local, organic produce to the Financial District and Seaport area. We partner with Zaid Kurdieh of NOFA-NY certified NorwichMeadowsFarm.  During the harvest season, which runs approximately mid-June through mid-November, our membership receives and distributes a weekly delivery of freshly harvested produce at a designated location.

Read more about community supported agriculture on the JustFoodwebsite.

In addition to supplying produce to CSAs around the city, Zaid and his crew set up stands at localGreenmarketfarmersmarkets throughout Manhattan. Visit him on Saturdays at the Union Square Greenmarket, or Sundays at Tompkins Square (7th Street and Avenue A).

Why do I pay for the entire season before I receive any produce?

Your advance payment helps the farmer purchase seeds and equipment for the upcoming season without having to rely on high-interest loans. Members invest in a “share” of the harvest, and investors, take on both the risks and rewards of the growing season. Your support keeps organic farmers in business, and organic produce accessible to city residents.

Who runs the Fulton Market CSA?

You do! The CSA is a member-run, volunteer-based organization: we couldn’t exist without your support and participation. CSA members meet and unload the produce truck, set up the site weekly, and help distribute produce and products for their fellow members. A core group within the membership has been designated to facilitate logistics and administrative duties.

What is expected of CSA members?

Members sign on for the entire harvest season: mid-June through mid-November. As the CSA is a community endeavor and entirely volunteer run, members must commit to working several (usually 2-3) ‘work shifts’ per season. Work shifts include tasks such as signing in members, help distribute goods, answering any questions, and closing the space.

Members who fail to complete their required work shifts by the end of the season will have future CSA membership privileges revoked.

In addition, CSA members should check the Fulton Market CSA website, http://www.fultonmarketcsa.wordpress.com, which is our primary means of distributing information to our members.

What if I just really can’t work one of the work shifts, is there anything else I can do to fulfill my time commitment?

The work shift commitment  is a requirement for membership at Fulton Market CSA.  Not only do we really need the labor, it is a great way to connect with fellow members of your CSA. There are a few other ‘workshift’ options, so please contact Ariana Pakulis apakulis@gmail.com for alternatives.

How long is the harvest season?

Our Summer/Fall season will typically runs from June through November. The vegetable share is for 22 weeks and the fruit share is for 20 weeks.  The starting week will be confirmed closer to the beginning of June when the farmer has determined the harvest schedule.  Regardless, the season is 22 weeks for vegetables and 20 weeks for fruit with once weekly weekday afternoon distributions.

Our Winter Share runs for six months with one distribution date per month. See below for more information on Winter Share.

How often will I receive produce?

Members pick up their produce (and optional farm goods) each week on a regular distribution day at a designated space. Optional fruit shares are delivered weekly. The distribution day/time in the past has been Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30pm.  For Winter, the distribution day is typically Wednesdays, from 5:30-7pm.

How much produce will I get?

The amount of produce received each week will vary, but typically a share will be comprised of enough organic produce to feed 1-2 people for the week. Each share contains 5-8 different items, which will vary by season. While the exact crops may change from year to year, here is an idea of what you will receive:

Early to Mid-summer: cooking greens, lettuce, corn, cucumbers, broccoli, peppers, squash, radishes, fava beans, Japanese eggplant, kohlrabi, Napa cabbage, scallions, garlic scapes, and spring onions.

Mid-summer to Fall: tomatoes (cherry, red and green), potatoes, swiss chard, onions, beets, carrots, celery, bok choy, peppers, squash, garlic, fennel, turnips, and watermelon.

Why do CSA veggies look different than what I see from the same farmer at the Farmers’ Market?
Any occasional difference in appearance is just that – a difference in appearance. The vegetables a farmer sells as part of a CSA share are the same nutritious, delicious vegetables he sells at a Farmers’ Market.  The sometimes-variable look is a matter of labor and marketing.  To get the tomatoes at Union Square to sparkle, our farmer hires laborers to shine them!!  He knows that people shopping at Union Square might not buy a crooked zucchini, despite the fact that it is just as healthy and delicious as a straight one.  Perfectly good food that would not sell at retail would go to waste if not for savvy CSA consumers who know better.  Zaid doesn’t sell us damaged or spoiled food.

Can I split a share?

Yes. If you are interested in splitting an individual vegetable, fruit or egg share we ask that you coordinate with a friend. We will not organize a share partner.

It’s your responsibility to notify the CSA with the name and contact information of your share partner. It is your responsibility to coordinate with your partner to ensure that you are meeting your work shift requirements.   For those who split a share, please note that the entire contents of your share must be retrieved at one time.  We cannot hold produce for your partner to retrieve later.

What if I cannot pick up my share?

We encourage all members to be diligent about picking up their weekly share, or to make their own alternate arrangements for a designee to pick up their shares if they will be unable to get to the site before closing time on pick-up day. Absolutely no produce or products can be held after site closing; all unclaimed produce or products are donated at shift’s end.

Besides produce, what else can I get through the CSA?

This year, the Fulton Market CSA will offers an optional fruit share (weekly ) and an optional weekly egg share. We hope to offer milk, yogurt, cheese shares and other farm goods next year. Twice during the season, we host a “Market Day” during which we offer our members the opportunity to place a la carte orders for products from our other partnered suppliers, which include eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, beef, chicken, granola, honey and maple syrup. Visit the ShareOptionspage of our website for more information.

How much does it cost?

Click here to see the prices.

What is Winter CSA?

Our partnership with Norwich Meadows Farm doesn’t end with the close of our Summer/Fall share. By enrolling in our Winter Share program, you can continue to receive organic produce and products throughout the Winter and Spring while supporting our farms and farmers through the lean, cold Winter months.

Winter shares are bundled differently from our Summer/Fall shares. The shares include, but is not limited to, beef, chicken, yogurt, eggs, milk, dried beans, granola, canned fruits and vegetables, and jam. They also include, but is not limited to, fall/winter fresh produce such as cabbage, carrots, variety of potatoes (fingerlings, blue, sweet, etc), parsnips, turnips,  and apples.  There is an option to not receive beef or chicken, and receive more produce instead.

Members are required to commit to various work shifts on site during the winter season.

If you would like to participate in Winter Share for next winter, please check back in October for updates and details.

How can I get more involved in the CSA?

We invite you to reach out to a core group member with your ideas and to inquire about other opportunities. We will be planning a series of community building and educational events throughout the season.

More questions?

Send us an email: Ariana Pakulis apakulis@gmail.com

Adapted from the FAQs of Harvest Astoria CSA & Merchants Gate CSA, both of which also partner with Norwich Meadow Farm.


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