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Check out these great share option.


  • Family share (weekly): $600 for entire season
  • Individual share (weekly): $300 for entire season

Crop schedule can be found here.


  • Full share (weekly): $240 for entire season
  • Half share (bi-weekly): $132 for entire season

Optional products:

Evans Farmhouse Creamery, Norwich

  • Quart Organic Milk 2% (weekly, 53.90; bi-weekly 26.95)
  • Quart Organic Milk Whole (weekly, 53.90; bi-weekly 26.95)
  • 6 oz yogurt mixed flavors (weekly, 29.70; bi-weekly 14.85)
  • 32 oz yogurt mixed flavors (weekly, 101.20; bi-weekly 50.60)
  • Butter 1/2 lb (bi-weekly only 44.00)

Kutiks Honey Farm, Norwich

  • Honey Wildflower 1 lb (weekly, 80.30; bi-weekly 40.15)
  • Honey Clover 1 lb (weekly, 80.30; bi-weekly 40.15)

Other local products

  • Cheese 8 oz Palatine Mixed Flavors (weekly, 99.00; bi-weekly 49.50)
  • Granola Upstate Harvest 16 oz (weekly, 114.40; bi-weekly 57.20)
  • Granola For Diabetics 12 oz (Cinnamon Bran-Flax) (weekly, 11.00; bi-weekly 55.00)
  • Quart Maple Syrup (per unit: 15.40)
  • Certified natural ground beef 1 lb (bi-weekly only, 58.96)

Norwich Meadows Farm

  • Eggs 1 dozen (weekly, 115.50; bi-weekly 57.75)
  • Chicken Whole 4 lbs + (per unit: 18.00)
  • Chicken Breast 0.8-1.1 lb (per unit: 8.50)
  • Chicken Leg Quarters 4    2lbs + (per unit: 8.50)
  • Honey Wildflower Dr. Yusuf’s 16 oz (per unit: 8.50)

Herbs (UPDATE 4/24) – All of the following are available in 4 oz for 2.50 each:

Chili (Cayenne) Powder
Coriander Seed
Dill Seed
Fennel Seed
Garlic Powder
Licorice (Erq Soos)
Onion Powder

Notes about share options:

  • Fruit (yum!) shares will start 7/9 to avoid problems with lack of early season fruit.  Those who opt for bi-weekly fruit shares will get 2 shares back to back the last 2 weeks.  Those opting for the weekly share will receive a double share during the last weeks of the season.
  • Butter orders may not be available the week they are ordered, but the farmers will do their best to accommodate your request.
  • Very important note from the Farmer (Zaid):  Optional products are coming from small farms and from time to time challenges arise that make it difficult to get the products in on schedule.  However, the farmers will make every attempt to get the products to us on time, as per the schedule.  Members will notified if there are any changes to the delivery schedule and every attempt will be made to ensure that the missing items are delivered the following week.
  • Optional products and fruit shares are only open to those who purchase a vegetable share.
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