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In Uncategorized on March 3, 2010 at 6:44 pm

Interested in enjoying some of the best fresh, organic, local, seasonal food?  Become a member.

If you’d like to purchase a share for the upcoming 2010 season, it’s not too late.   Click here to download an application: Fulton Market CSA Application.  Please contact Debra Sheldon at 917-626-8948 or sheldon.debra@gmail.com.

Click here for information about share options.

Click here for information about the farm.


Pick up site: Fulton  Stall Market on South Street between Beekman and Fulton

First pick up: June 16, 2010

Last pick-up: Week of November 10, 2010

Deadline for members to pay for shares: June 1, 2010

Pick up day and time: Wednesdays, 4-7 pm.

If you have suggestions or preferences, please email me or leave comments here.  Thanks.

  1. I would be very interested in signing up. Probably for fruits, veggies, milk and eggs for an individual. Please keep me posted on delivery site. 4-7 sounds like a great time slot for pick up. Thanks!

  2. I didnt know you were doing this until today! I would love to join [veg + fruit] but need till tuesday to figure out if i can get the stuff home every week from the Seaport [i live in Bklyn]. If registration is not closed i will sign up tuesday.

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